A new UGW church was started!

The first crusade was done on 22nd January, 2018 at Bweza area where the new UGW Church was started.

As it was planned, this year 2018 is very exceptional compared to the past years. In collaboration with Nain Hope Gospel Ministries, the new UGW Churches in Rwanda are planted so to win the hearts lost to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

The Bweza Church was the first to be planted in the region; the area inhabited by the poor and vulnerable population, but welcomed people. Under the initiative of a Servant of God SIBOMANA Venuste, who was recently converted from the book of Jim Harper, we hope to have a wonderful church in that region of Bweza. The children showed their joy and love to the Lord Jesus Christ, they formed their choir directly. After teachings, twenty nine people received Jesus Christ in their hearts as Lord and Savior

At the evening , the second service , we were very surprised to have a great assembly of hundreds people. We presented to them a movie on Jesus's life. Again many people received Jesus as the Lord and Savior. Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord !!!!!!!!